River Herring play an important role in the culture, ecology, and economies of coastal towns in Massachusetts. Because river herring are so important, many citizens dedicate a great deal of their time to protecting the rivers and ponds these fish spawn in.

The River Herring Network hopes that this website will serve as a place where herring wardens and river herring enthusiasts can communicate about their runs, learn from each other, locate assistance, and stay up to date on news and regulations.


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Herring Management Town Brook alewives get a free ride to Billington Sea
KnightofNi > 29-April-2016

Herring Public Forum Exemption to Wetland Act for herring protection
DaveC > 13-October-2015

Herring Run Counts 2015 Herring Counts
DaveC > 4-September-2015

Herring Public Forum River Herring Migration Series at WHOI
KnightofNi > 30-April-2015

Eels Fines Increased for Herring Poaching
Jones River > 15-April-2015

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'Tis the Season for River Herring Events!

'Tis the season for River Herring Festivals and Events!
Spring 2016

April 2    Weymouth Herring...

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2015 Annual Meeting Report

Thank you to all who made the 2015 River Herring Network annual meeting a success! Forty eight...

Seats available for Oct 15 Pembroke Herring Run Bus Tour

There are still some seats available on the October 15th Morning Bus Tour of the Pembroke...

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