River Herring play an important role in the culture, ecology, and economies of coastal towns in Massachusetts. Because river herring are so important, many citizens dedicate a great deal of their time to protecting the rivers and ponds these fish spawn in.

The River Herring Network hopes that this website will serve as a place where herring wardens and river herring enthusiasts can communicate about their runs, learn from each other, locate assistance, and stay up to date on news and regulations.


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Herring Public Forum River Herring Run Festival in Plymouth (Saturday, April 26)
KnightofNi > 18-April-2014

Herring Public Forum New publications on a local restoration project
KnightofNi > 11-April-2014

Herring Warden Forum 2014 Herring Runs
afrank > 8-April-2014

Herring Public Forum American Fisheries Society (SNEC) Winter meeting
KnightofNi > 20-December-2013

Herring Public Forum Local Herring Bylaw
KnightofNi > 18-December-2013

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Herring Count Volunteers Making a Difference for the Ipswich River

The Ipswich River Watershed Association began our 16th annual herring count on April 1st, 2014....

Middleboro Herring Festival April 12&13

The Town of Middleboro is holding their first ever Herring Festival at Oliver Mill Park on...

NOAA NMFS creating a River Herring Technical Expert Working Group

NOAA Fisheries, to follow up on their August 9, 2013 determination that a threatened or...

Do you want to serve on the River Herring and Shad Advisory Panel?

The Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council is accepting applications for the new River Herring...

2013 Annual Meeting Summary

Fifty people attended the third annual meeting of the River Herring Network on October 24, 2013...

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