Upscale event -- everything’s fishy at Middleboro herring festival 4-10-17

Upscale event -- everything's fishy at Middleboro herring festival

By Shannon Gallagher
The Enterprise

MIDDLEBORO – Hundreds of herring passed through the Nemasket River on their upstream swim Sunday and as many people crowded the banks of the river to watch the fish swim by during the annual Herring Run Festival.

More than 8,500 people visited the Oliver Mill Park between Saturday and Sunday for the two-day event, according to event organizers.

This year marked the fourth year that the Middleboro Tourism Committee hosted the annual Herring Run event.

Dozens of tents lined the green alongside the river, each offering a variety of games, vendors, exhibits, art and music.

Children lined the river's edge, laying down on their bellies to reach into the stream in the hopes of catching a herring.

Community members from around the state visited the event to watch herring leap over the Nemasket River waterfall.

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